To Be Continued…

…and the amateur blogger is moving forward.

Spontaneously, and probably well overdue, I have decided to create another blog to feature my long lost loves: photography, adventure, personal stories and insight, while still featuring a bit of writing.

If you, my magnificent followers (yes, I am being a suck up on purpose) are interested in following my other blog… well… then do it!!

The blog is called The Girl in the Boots, a name that came to me in the most obvious of ways. My style is a reflection of my simplistic being, strange personality, dark sense of reality, and frayed, yet lasting spirit.

Life is an adventure to wander through and these tattered boots have guided and protected my thus far. So, lets see where they lead me next.

A Real Compliment

If you want to give me a compliment, don’t tell me I’m pretty. Don’t tell me I look skinny. Don’t tell me I’m having a good hair and skin day. Don’t tell me my outfit is “on fleek” or my makeup is stunning. Don’t tell me I look expensive.

If you want to give me a compliment, tell me I’m intelligent. Tell me my creativity is out of this world. Tell me I’m kind. Tell me I’m hardworking and ambitious. Tell me you see me going far in life. Tell me I’m a role model, but not because of my appearance, but because of my strength, power, inner radiance, mind, and intelligence.

A real compliment is one that doesn’t suggest you are beautiful and bright one day, then weak and dull the next. I go through changes, my body and skin have its ups and downs, and sometimes I prefer sweats over a blouse. My fashion sense says absolutely nothing about me. My beauty is what I hold on the inside, not what I show on the outside. My intelligence is so much more important than how skinny my body looks because I forgot to eat breakfast while I spent the morning pouring myself into a poem that I could not stop writing.

Give me a real compliment.

Don’t ask me about my makeup routine. Don’t ask me where I buy my clothes. Don’t ask me how I keep my hair so curly. If that is what you focus on then you are completely missing the real me.

Instead, ask me about my dreams. Ask me about my writing and see for yourself how much I’ve grown. Ask me about my favorite novel. Ask me about my proudest moments, but also my failures because I have grown so much since then.

Look and aspire to know the real me. The me that rests inside this body, clothed in meaningless fabric that has nothing to show for my accomplishments and dreams. There is so much more to me that you haven’t seen and THAT is the who I really am.

So give me a real compliment and get to know the real me because my outer appearance is the shell where my true self lies. If you ask the right questions you may get a glimpse into my world and see for yourself all that I have to offer.

Removing Labels

It’s in our kitchen cabinets, on the tags of our clothes, and on the tongues of our shoes: labels.

These are there to keep us informed of what exactly we are using, wearing, or eating, but are labels all that necessary in everyday life?

For me I have an issue with labels being placed on something that isn’t an item or something that can be bought or sold (aka humans). I don’t understand how we need to have a title for someone based on how they look or act. Humans are humans and that is it. Whether someone dresses more preppy than someone next to them does not instantly categorize them as preppy rich kid. Just because someone has helplessly fallen in love with someone of their own sex does not mean we need to put them in a category where they can be looked down upon and prodded with a stick for who they are.

Maybe I’m a little crazy but I pull away from the use of labels. I see a person for who they are and not for ‘what’ they are. I dig deep within a person’s personality where I begin to decide if I enjoy their company, not rely on what they are categorized as as a means to decide.

Gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, jewish, christian, muslim, atheist, white, Mexican, African American, boy, girl…

All these things don’t matter. If it matters to you where a person comes from, what race they are, what their religious views are, who or how they love, then you are undeserving of friendships beyond your own self.

The world is a sea and the people who inhabit it are the many beautiful creatures beneath the water’s surface. Don’t pick your friends, let them simply wander into your life.

There is no need for labels beyond our kitchen cabinets. Let’s be who we are and let other’s be who they are.

The Unrealistic Expectations of Beauty

Whether we’re at home watching tv or a movie, reading Vogue or People Magazine, or walking down the street or eating in a restaurant, we are surrounded with images of women and men that slightly all look the same; yet, don’t look anything like us.

Growing up I have come across many images of women that show them as looking less like a human and more like a god! Their skin always flawless, not a stretch mark or area of cellulite in sight; meanwhile, my skin was far from perfect with both of those at just 14. As you can imagine that kind of exposure wasn’t great on my self esteem, and I know I was not the only one now, but back then I was sure I was the only imperfect kid bad-photoshop-kimora-lee-simmonsin school.

Advertisements upon advertisements show men and women as something sexier and dissimilar from the average person, as well as themselves. The models and celebrities faces are drastically altered to become more “visually pleasing” and to be shown as even more perfect. Skin colors are changed, causing dark skinned beautiful women to have a fairer look, causing many girls to feel unsettled about their skin tone. Mens muscles are increased in their size as women’s are shown to be smaller.

Companies have been showing women as a material object and men as the superior sex. Women’s bodies have been changed to show a product’s value by the company using women as a sex symbol because sex can sell everything. The sexier the image of a woman, the more
mg3likely for that product to be flying off the shelves because it leaves an impression on the buyer’s mind. Womens are transformed into beer bottles, cars, and food, they’re used as racks for objects, sexual stimulants, and as a way to show the positive aspects of products, many of which don’t show their faces.

All bodies are meant to be cherished and the the similarities and differences loved. How can a person behind a computer screen, a worker for a company, and a magazine, publish something that is able to cause emotional distress in millions of both males and females and not a second thought?

As of today it is clear the effects of these kinds of ads and messages being pushed into our brains. Many women spend countless hours preparing themselves for the day and judging their image along the way. Makeup doesn’t make a women beautiful, clothing doesn’t make a woman beautiful, size, ethnicity, hair color, or even eye color doesn’t make a women beautiful. Beauty is natural and pure, no amount of material or man made chemicals can make a women look more appealing. Yes makeup and clothing can increase a woman’s self esteem; however, now it has reached a level where we are constantly trying to alter our appearance to look like everyone else who has fallen into the spell of ads and tv.

There is no reason for us to try and fit in. This world was created for us to live as individuals and be happy, not to buy expensive products to look “pretty.”

I praise the individuality in all people. Do what you want, live how you want, wear what you want, and be proud of who you are. Your genes are perfect and your appearance is perfect. Love yourself for who you are and fly free!

What’s Really Important 

What’s the point of living if your are living to please someone else? This question I’ve pondered after realizing I’m missing the little parts of life that I should be enduring for myself and for my own pleasure. 

All too often we pass up a day for ourselves, finishing (or beginning) a great book, eating the last donut, and getting out of our comfort zone while trying something completely new. It’s funny seeing that just these few things have been taken out of our hands quite a few times. We focus on our impressions and how we are being perceived as a human rather than being who we wish to be. 

Who cares if we enjoy reading instead of keeping up on the latest Scandle TV show. Who cares if we enjoy the chocolate cream donuts simply because the cream inside is just too good to pass up. And who cares if we enjoy roughing it in tent instead of staying in a five star hotel. 

These small parts of life also have an impact on making us who we are. The moral of this quite random post is that we need to live for ourselves and forget who and what others want us to be and how to behave. We were created to live, not to be lifeless.