To Be Continued…

…and the amateur blogger is moving forward.

Spontaneously, and probably well overdue, I have decided to create another blog to feature my long lost loves: photography, adventure, personal stories and insight, while still featuring a bit of writing.

If you, my magnificent followers (yes, I am being a suck up on purpose) are interested in following my other blog… well… then do it!!

The blog is called The Girl in the Boots, a name that came to me in the most obvious of ways. My style is a reflection of my simplistic being, strange personality, dark sense of reality, and frayed, yet lasting spirit.

Life is an adventure to wander through and these tattered boots have guided and protected my thus far. So, lets see where they lead me next.

Removing Labels

It’s in our kitchen cabinets, on the tags of our clothes, and on the tongues of our shoes: labels.

These are there to keep us informed of what exactly we are using, wearing, or eating, but are labels all that necessary in everyday life?

For me I have an issue with labels being placed on something that isn’t an item or something that can be bought or sold (aka humans). I don’t understand how we need to have a title for someone based on how they look or act. Humans are humans and that is it. Whether someone dresses more preppy than someone next to them does not instantly categorize them as preppy rich kid. Just because someone has helplessly fallen in love with someone of their own sex does not mean we need to put them in a category where they can be looked down upon and prodded with a stick for who they are.

Maybe I’m a little crazy but I pull away from the use of labels. I see a person for who they are and not for ‘what’ they are. I dig deep within a person’s personality where I begin to decide if I enjoy their company, not rely on what they are categorized as as a means to decide.

Gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, jewish, christian, muslim, atheist, white, Mexican, African American, boy, girl…

All these things don’t matter. If it matters to you where a person comes from, what race they are, what their religious views are, who or how they love, then you are undeserving of friendships beyond your own self.

The world is a sea and the people who inhabit it are the many beautiful creatures beneath the water’s surface. Don’t pick your friends, let them simply wander into your life.

There is no need for labels beyond our kitchen cabinets. Let’s be who we are and let other’s be who they are.