The Crow Girl and Darkened Dreams

The crow girl sits on the balcony

And coos her voice in a rattling song.

Her feathers lay low, her neck hunched,

And her being the midnight’s songbird.


Twisted wings like twigs laying along the railing,

Killing the night-walkers in an enemy’s

Voyage into the deep sanctuary that is her home.


Tethered strings; there is nothing more beautiful

As they lay along the metal guard

And loosely lean with the wind.


Deep blue and dainty shreds of a fine lady’s dress

That’s seams have fallen and followed behind her.

A new ghostly member of the nighttime parade.


A darkness hangs over the city

But nothing darker than the exasperated

Flame in the grow girl’s eyes. Don’t blink.

Forget her mark and carry yourself towards day.


Nothing will be new tomorrow, everything is laid

Before you today. Grasp your own midnight

And let it sing. It will thank you and your

True side will finally be free.

Radiant (a poem)

You can’t say you know her

If you have only used your eyes,

For her radiant beauty is nothing

Compared to what she hides.


If you ever get the chance,

Soak into her skin,

But never get too close

To the darkness she holds within.


Her spine is cracked and damaged,

Fingers weak and strained,

Blood dripping from the cuts

Soaking the flourished plain.


She may looks like a valley,

Complete, beautiful, lush.

But inside she different;

She’s worn down, yet tough.