Tied Tight (a poem)

A dark shadow man

In a grey business suit

Followed me home

After I roamed through the streets.


He kept his distance

Left hand clutching a brief case

While the other clenched in a fist

With stillness upon his face.


He spoke no words,

Gave no emotion,

But he kept his distance

With eyes looking straight.


It wasn’t until we reached my street

That he disappeared;

His presence dispersed as a mist

Of cool damp air.


I’ve seen this man since then,

He waits for me at the street corner,

Wearing the same suit

And carrying the same case.


He follows me

And I once heard him whisper

The sullen sound

Of my enviable fate.


I too will be a shadow man

Wearing a grey business suit,

As I move through my days

Without emotion and without light.


For when I grow older

I will be nothing but a worker,

Earning my way through life

Quiet and tied tight.