Hello there,

I created this blog as a way to express myself and my abnormal love of coffee, news, quotes, writing, and typewriters (it will make sense, I promise). Nothing should be taken too seriously, instead use this as a way to grow within your own self.
I am a college student studying creative writing in the hopes of someday get paid while doing something that comes so naturally to me–daydreaming and then writing it down… On a serious note, I have a huge appreciation for literature and art–things that will pop up on a regular basis.
I have the hope and drive to see my name written on the front covers of novels placed nicely in the top sellers section of bookstores, even if I have to pick them up and secretly place it there while no one is looking, but preferably have them placed there by the choice of the readers.
This blog is my creative outlet where a lot of me will flow through. Every post is on a subject that speaks deeply to me and is meant to raise questions and to show a new way of thinking.

Explore and enjoy!

I hope everyone has a fantastic day!!

Happy blogging and may your cup always be full!

~ Rachel

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