My Creativity was Steeped — a Cup of Tea

My creativity was steeped – a cup of tea –

Set aside – but not forgotten –

A shelf became a home to thee –

A house of simple pardons –


From times of change – a flip of page –

A story forms and fades –

Through life I steep – power increase –

As temperature cools to aid –


A tender heart – a lively mind –

Strength slowly begins to increase –

Color erupts – as taste bitters –

Add a sugar to make me sweet –


Lost from sight as abandoned hope –

Imagination bleeds – liberation –

Forget me nots in porcelain cups –

A meaningful sweet concentration –


Return to your place – between the shelves –

Find your hope and dreams –

Rewrite your past – create your future –

And never be afraid to be free –


2 thoughts on “My Creativity was Steeped — a Cup of Tea

  1. Michael Rush says:

    I wonder if you’d been studying Dickinson before writing this one? It certainly has some of the hallmarks of her distinctive style, particularly the punctuation.
    I hope it isn’t heresy to say I prefer tea to coffee on this blog (I am British, if that’s an excuse), but I enjoyed your approach to this poem, luring me in with promises of my favourite brew before revealing the core content to be something even more life-affirming!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ray E. Birdy says:

      Emily Dickinson was definitely my inspiration for this poem, great job for picking up on that! But I’d have to say I’m a lover of tea and coffee; however, tea fits my personality more than coffee does.
      Thanks for writing!


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