Coffee, My Drug of Choice


Somehow the girl with a million thoughts finds stability and clarity within porcelain mugs and between sips of creamy vanilla lattes. Even though the caffeine jitters make my knees bounce and my fingers tap, the outside movements are much more comfortable than the race roaring through my mind. However, I’m starting to think I spend too much time in coffeehouses than the normal college student, but unlike my roommates and college acquaintances, I’d rather get drunk on milky coffee and high on caffeine. Coffee is my drug of choice; it’s where all my money goes and where I get the most pleasure. Sounding like a true addict, aren’t I?


2 thoughts on “Coffee, My Drug of Choice

  1. Andrea Weidel says:

    I completely relate to everything you wrote! Sometimes I think I spend too much money on coffee, but then I wonder what else it would go to 😉

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