Being an Activist in an Inactive Family

It’s a strange configuration where within an uptight “Christian” family lies a strange loud mouth girl who has no time for conformity or shirts without pizza and coffee stains. If you’re wondering why “Christian” is in quotation marks it’s because their minds may be pointed in the direction of Christianity, their behaviors and inner beliefs are sometimes elsewhere. This is common in religion, or so I believe, because despite having something to follow, we all have our own opinions and enjoy speaking our minds on occasions when we probably shouldn’t. Meanwhile, on this side of the canoe, I don’t conform to any particular religion. Hold up, let’s slow things down…. This does not mean I’m worshipping the devil and praise the underworld demons or whatever, I just have different views that cannot be shaped by a book written many many moons ago on events that may or may not have taken place…. but that also does not mean that I hate everything about religion or cuss out anyone for following in any religious practices, by all means you do you.

Besides not following the religion of my family, I tend to speak freely on various subjects that they don’t believe should be brought up at family gatherings, even though they might be the ones who bring them up in the first place: feminism, equality of the LGBTQ community, racial equality, tattoos and piercings, and freedom to do whatever the hell you want! I’m the girl in the family that gets strange looks for coming to family events with her hair dyed a different color, holes in her jeans and makeup on her face with a cat eye pointier than the sharp knives sticking from their eyes as they glare at me and try figure out just what the hell is wrong with me. Maybe it’s my American flag backpack covered in rainbow, “save the earth,” and alien patches, or my laptop sporting equality, feminism, vegetarian, and “save the bees” stickers on it that makes my family believe “this girl has completely lost her mind.” Or it could be that I’m quick to jump into conversations about politics, the environment, animal rights, and human rights and can easily defend myself where they expect a girl to just be quiet. HA! Nice try but this girl has a mind full of ideas and facts and is not scared to voice her opinion!

I’m an activist. I’ll defend anything I believe is right and support the rights of all people and beings. You can try and keep this one contained and bound by your traditional ideas, but I’m the one with the power to break free from those binds and express myself. You do not need to agree with everything I say, and by all means continue to shoot those glares in my direction, but when it comes down to it I’m here to create change, even if you don’t agree with it.


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