Stained, dirty, incorrect.

Wooden balance in a weaker form.

Wrong directions reaching in right directions.

Coffee tables.

Wicker furniture.

Musty smells in plastic carriers.

Society’s muse.

Beauty in its folds as corners crinkle.

Hands, feet, fingers tapping.

Glass tipping, nose wiggling.

A stranger in a collared shirt with the crinkled fold between fingers.

Fingers tapping, feet kicking, nose wiggling.

Suit and tie, ink and stains.

Metal frame glasses examining a weaker form.

If scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock, what about metal frames?

About glaring eyes?

About Slight smiles and heavy sighs?

This Blog has an Instagram!! 

Hello bloggers and readers!

Just a quick post to let everyone know I have added this blog onto Instagram!! How tech savvy and current I feel!!!

I will be posting photography, quotes, and small exerts that may not have made it onto WordPress.

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Happy Blogging!

“Fear The Heart” (a quick, free written poem)

What I find to be a major roadblock happens to be something I’m inevitably attached too. Brains can be such jerks sometimes and it keeps me from finding my flow. I decided to try something new and do a quick free write and write completely blind. Although I did do some editing at the end to fix my terrible spelling, I left the punctuation out since that was not what I added during the free write.

This experience made me feel a bit like Gertrude Stein, a poet who wrote many of her poems as a spontaneous explosion of words that met paper. It was interesting to see the kind of fluidity I conjured up from this style of writing, and even more so the ideas that blossomed out of an empty mind.

Definitely going to be something I’ll try again.


“Fear The Heart”

Fear the heart and make it sway

Bring the light at the night of day

Press the words and make them sing

Let them dance and let them steam


Bring the light to the night of day

And tie the rope to guide you home

Bring the light at the night of day

And follow the road to guide you home


Straight through the minds of the light of day

Straight to the hearts to the dark of night

Let them meet and let them speak

And let the dark fancy the day.


Fear the heart and make it sway

Be cautious as it guides you home

Bring the light to the night of day

And follow the road as it guides you home.

Coffee With Two Hands

Sitting in a coffee shop, my bottom numb on a hard wooden chair that sits in the corner far away from an outlet, my laptop in front of me while I quickly type away before it gives in and kills over, constantly thinking about how I have sooo… much to do and no time left to complete it. Sound familiar? Maybe you weren’t in a coffee shop sweating bullets and having a near panic attack, but one time or another we’ve all been in that place where we had so much to do and find ourselves stressing out about not having enough time to get it done.

I heard an interesting phrase today that really put moments like these into a different perspective. When we drink coffee (or at least for me) I’m just chuggin’ away, barely tasting its bittery flavor, only using it as a way to stay awake instead of as an enjoyable tasty beverage. Now, what happens when we drink coffee with two hands? Maybe you’re like me and completely uncoordinated and spill some on your new button down because you realize how difficult it is to change away from habit. When you drink coffee with two hands everything slows down. You take your time to bring the mug to your lips, watching every move so you don’t drench yourself with steamy stain causing madness, and slowly sip the drink like it’s meant to be savored. It’s like you’re in slowmo as the chaotic world whirls past you, everyone else remaining in the loop of repetition, body and minds on autopilot.

It’s amazing the amount of stress we put ourselves through everyday. Having responsibilities, trying to prove yourself to others, trying to prove yourself to YOU, and never giving a second thought to how life really feels, how life is supposed to be, how sweet, bitter, warm, and delicious your coffee tastes.

When you feel stressed or feel as though you are on autopilot, tell yourself to drink your coffee with two hands. Feel that moment, understand what’s going on, and breathe. Finding balance is difficult, especially when we have so much to do in a time span that would make anyone’s head spin, but take a second to slow yourself down. You deserve a moment to breathe.

To Leap Or Not To Leap

I’m a person who likes the idea of living in the moment–soaking up every ounce of life before it eventually runs dry. However, I’m also someone who gets trapped in the past, like a hook is attached to my back while someone or something holds tight on the other end.

Oh how I want to break the line and continue living, but first I need to find the strength to lift the knife and face my fear of getting hurt even more than I already have. But what is more important? Facing your fears and living freely, or staying safe, never jumping from the cliff, but be strangled by regret?