Little Red Alien (flash-fiction)

It’s a simple town, small, orderly, and as many outsiders would call it, boring. Of course living in such a stuffy town where the most excitement comes when the wind blows the leaves in a vortex, and running through it fulfills your itching need for adventure, one takes interest in other forms. Well, at least Henry does, and by other forms, he means aliens. You know, the little green beings that probe into your house while you’re asleep, taking samples and notes on your strange existence and obsession with the color blue and gluten free snacks.

Henry awaits their visit, setting out various foods to entice stop every night by googling ‘Aliens Diets’ online. He makes sure to have a clean house so they can come inside without fear of tripping and waking him up. He even leaves letters for them on the dining room table to introduce himself and to tell them about his lifestyle, you know, to make their job a little easier. But one day, Henry came across something that proved too much for him to handle.

While preparing for his job at the local Wallmart, Henry found a red balloon tied to his mailbox with a thin silver string. With no children neighbors within miles, Henry is greatly taken back and concerned with this finding. Could this be the aliens? No, their mental capacity would find balloons feeble and irrelevant. This must have been the work of some other force. The mystery left Henry concerned and confused.

With no idea what to do with the mysterious balloon taking residence on his beat up metal mailbox, Henry devised the best plan to handle this situation. He walks back inside and rummages through the kitchen drawers until he finds a pair of child protective scissors left behind by his three year old niece, and walks back outside, being sure the scissors are pointed away from his body.

Henry then cuts the silver string and watches the balloon slowly float away with the breeze twisting its path. Some things are best left undiscovered and Henry was already late for work.

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