Conformity Never Offered Light (a poem)

You say I’m not like you,

But why would I?

You say my words don’t match yours,

My thoughts too different and off your singular paved road.

Fuck your road.


You say I don’t dress like you,

But why should I?

The ties you wear are too tight around my neck,

The button down you gave me is stained from under my blackened hands.

Fuck your clothing.


You say I don’t blend in,

But why the fuck should I?

The act of duplication is a mystery to me,

An army of conformity stepping in unison.

Fuck your conformity.


I don’t wish to be you.

I don’t desire to blend in.

My life isn’t based around you and your roles.

Fuck your roles,

I’ll be me.


A stranger to normalcy

Is no stranger to me.

Walking on solid ground

Is unknown territory.


I crave the bumps and ridges of the mountains,

The fluidity in a field of tall grasses,

The carelessness of soaring birds

Flying freely with no sense of direction.


I paint the sky with every swish of my knotted hair.

I move mountains with every blink of my eye.

I hold my tongue despite my desire to scream;

I know you still won’t hear me.


The drumming of my heart is too loud for you to hear.

Your range cannot hit the peak of bliss

Above the shooting rays of sun

And the glisten of rain forming in clouds,

Ready to pour and nourish my spirit.


Rain down on me dear spirit —

I await your beauty to flood me and make me whole.

My hands remain open

As I wait for your fulfilling glory

When your sense of fear meets the clarity of release.


I have met release and have found comfort in her.

My mind steady and soul free.

The beauty of a flowing summer shower —

Gentle and light,

A beautiful balance in life.






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