Music can Heal

I think we all have the ability to relate to music and we all have that one band or song that just makes us feel. When I was in middle school I turned to one band in particular for support as I dealt with with all the confusing and frustrating emotions that came with that age. Somehow their music carried me through losing friends, gaining anxiety, being an outcast, and helped me while I began the journey of finding myself.

After a while my favorite singer from that band left and a new singer was then introduced. For whatever reason I was unable to have the same feelings of guidance, even though their songs were still just as amazing.

Now I’m in college and experiencing a completely new set of emotions that are just, if not more, confusing than those in middle and high school. The amazing artist that got me through those early years in school and made me realize that I was worthy of happiness just released another album!

Maybe it was a coincidence, maybe it was fate, maybe it was a reminder that I have no reason to be upset with myself. Whatever the reason, I’m grateful.

Thanks for having my back Lacey Sturm.

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