Deeper Consciousness

It’s strange how our lives have somehow gone from being magical, colorful, and fantastic as a child, full of imagination and belief, to nothing more than black and white. Although there are many ways viewing life as black and white can be something astounding,–especially with my ties to writing and the figurative world of living in print. However, I’m talking about a life that is bleak, where we are firm believers in what we can see, never experiencing or paying mind to the forces around us that we cannot see.

While having random conversations with my roommates, friends, and regular day people I’ve come in contact with, I’ve realized that many of us wish for something greater than what we can see with our own two eyes. We have this lost sense of wonder that we wish to re-tap into, where our childhood dreams of goblins, fairies, ghosts, and spirits can be a factual reality–but how can we believe in something that we cannot see.

Many people are skeptics of any form of a greater world outside of our own (and I’m not talking about aliens). Spiritual people will tell you again and again that we have the ability to tap into our inner conscience and experience so many wonders around us that normally would never be seen. Through meditation we become one with the universe inside of us as well as around us, evolving and shaping ourselves as we move through these experiences.

It’s hard for me to believe that this world is all we have. Through our eyes we are unable to see different rays of light. With our eyes we are limited to three color receptors where some animals have twelve! With our ears we are unable to hear sounds above and below a certain frequency. How can this world be all there is (the world in which we can sense as humans) when there are so many aspects of it that we are incapable of noticing?

We need to be open to the possibility of life moving around us that we cannot sense. As humans we are amazing but still limited. We are only great because of the power we have over each other and our ways in which we show dominance and prosperity. In reality we are blind. Humans only pay attention or care about what they can see within a few feet infront of their faces. We are greedy, cold, and unimaginative walkers of this earth who have no consciousness of what happens around them while we live secluded and trapped between four walls. Break free and realize that there is more. There is always more, you just have to be open to it.

The Kraken.png

Image by me: “The Kraken”

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