A Real Compliment

If you want to give me a compliment, don’t tell me I’m pretty. Don’t tell me I look skinny. Don’t tell me I’m having a good hair and skin day. Don’t tell me my outfit is “on fleek” or my makeup is stunning. Don’t tell me I look expensive.

If you want to give me a compliment, tell me I’m intelligent. Tell me my creativity is out of this world. Tell me I’m kind. Tell me I’m hardworking and ambitious. Tell me you see me going far in life. Tell me I’m a role model, but not because of my appearance, but because of my strength, power, inner radiance, mind, and intelligence.

A real compliment is one that doesn’t suggest you are beautiful and bright one day, then weak and dull the next. I go through changes, my body and skin have its ups and downs, and sometimes I prefer sweats over a blouse. My fashion sense says absolutely nothing about me. My beauty is what I hold on the inside, not what I show on the outside. My intelligence is so much more important than how skinny my body looks because I forgot to eat breakfast while I spent the morning pouring myself into a poem that I could not stop writing.

Give me a real compliment.

Don’t ask me about my makeup routine. Don’t ask me where I buy my clothes. Don’t ask me how I keep my hair so curly. If that is what you focus on then you are completely missing the real me.

Instead, ask me about my dreams. Ask me about my writing and see for yourself how much I’ve grown. Ask me about my favorite novel. Ask me about my proudest moments, but also my failures because I have grown so much since then.

Look and aspire to know the real me. The me that rests inside this body, clothed in meaningless fabric that has nothing to show for my accomplishments and dreams. There is so much more to me that you haven’t seen and THAT is the who I really am.

So give me a real compliment and get to know the real me because my outer appearance is the shell where my true self lies. If you ask the right questions you may get a glimpse into my world and see for yourself all that I have to offer.

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