Battle at Night (a poem)

battle at night

There’s evil in my closet

Getting ready to pounce.

It feeds on young souls

Every inch, every ounce.


Mommy says they’re not real

But teddy and I know the truth

And tonight we fight

On top the castle roof.


My soldiers are lined up,

Some big and some small.

They are armed and prepared

To fight this nasty brawl.


From my closet I see shadows

As my walls begin to shake.

Fingers begin to appear,

I yell: “prepare to meet your fate!”


The monsters bolt,

I do the same.

Teddy by my side

We put those monsters to shame.


We fight and we tussle

But we’re the one that’s stronger.

My land is finally safe

And my sleeplessness is no longer.

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