A New Love Story

They lie together, arms and legs intertwined as they softly breathe in unison. The rise and fall of their chests, gently meeting each other with soft heartbeat kisses at their height of every inhale.

Dark brown hair is a sheer curtain, shielding the beauty and fluidity of deep brown eyes as they gaze upon the electric green wonderland that has since held them captive. A land where a purpose in life has been discovered and a worthy future has yet to be written–but what a wonderful story that will be.

There are no words spoken in this moment, only silents breaths, thumping hearts, and caressing limbs. Simply, no words can express the love they have for each other, something the movement of their bodies have already explained so well. But to use as a gentle reminder, they flicker their eyes and offer soft smiles without hesitation.

Everything felt so natural, so beautiful. Their lives changed in this moment as they knew they have found the one whom they have waited so long for. How can a single human being become something so magical, so special that you are no longer your primary focus? Instead, a new spirit has taken refuge within your heart where you hold your wants and desires, only to hold you close and to share your every dream.

For the two of them, as they lie with minds dazed and hearts longing for this night to last forever, their missing pieces have finally been put together. They know this life is meant for them, meant for them to be together because everyone deserves love, even if you have fallen for another man. So he took his hand and never let him go.



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