Things to Forget in 2016

Happy new year everybody!! And good luck with remembering to write down 2016 on papers, checks, and on blog posts (cause I know I’ve already screwed it up a handful of times).

So, as we adjust and move into the new year, there are a few things I think we all would be better off living without. This is a simple list of actions, phrases, and ideas that have dominated 2015 and need to just stop.

  1. The phrase “I can’t even,” because I think it would make much more sense if everyone just finished their sentences instead of using that phrase as a way to abruptly end a thought.cant.jpg
  2. TWERKING needs to stop! I find it completely weird and unimpressive how much someone can shake their butt. What’s really impressive is if one could actually dance instead of simply bending at a ninety degree angle with their hands on their knees and butt spazzing and jiggling.093953ab95ca335457a70ec6c7a17345.jpg
  3. Those weird photos where a guy is holding his girlfriend/wife/significant other’s hand while taking a picture of her walking away. I just don’t understand how that became a thing… let’s be more creative people!followgram9.jpg
  4. “Netflix and Chill” has ruined my life because I enjoy Netflix and chilling, however, that phrase involves something else that I wish to not take part in while watching ‘Peaky Blinders,’ ‘Orange is the New Black,’ or ‘Sherlock.’ Shut up, keep your hands to yourself and watch the shows, damn it!enhanced-buzz-3625-1443038426-11
  5. The selfie where you make a pece sign and then awkwardly place it on your face around your eye. I just don’t understand why or how that supposedly looks cool. If you wanna make a peace sign dig into your inner hippie and hold that thing up high and proud! No wimpy peace signs!gaag8
  6. Contouring is cool, especially if you have the skills to do it correctly, but if you’re like me and are terrible at putting makeup on your face, contouring probably shouldn’t be done (there has been many orange face people wandering around in 2015). You look beautiful without it anyway 😉bronzerpowderapplication200
  7. The hype involving the Kardashians is becoming too much… just…. just stop. They’re human beings and honestly old news. I’m pretty sure there are better things to talk about besides their makeup routine, how they lost/gained weight, who is doing who, who had surgery, or who wore what. So let us all just move on and leave them alone.landscape-1431119053-keeping-up-with-the-kardashians-season-9-wallpaper
  8. And most importantly the discrimination or negative feelings that have developed over 2015. People are people and there is no need to pick someone apart because of their sexuality, class, appearance, race, religion, or any other part of who they are. You do you and let them do them. Simple as that.Equality+for+all_36b36d_5344014.png

So lets make this year about positivity, understanding, and love. Let’s move past the small things and focus on what’s important: being happy, drinking coffee, and eating all the pizza we possibly can.

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