The Whole College Thing

I’m super happy and relieved to say that I have recently finished my first semester of my junior year of college!! After starting my first two years at a local community college where I commuted only about ten minutes each day, starting at a new school in my own apartment, dealing with three weird and fabulous roommates, and being left to my own devices after breaking up a four year relationship, I’d say I handled everything rather well.

It was definitely a rocky year with moving to the city and struggling to find friends (considering I’m an introvert and someone who is super awkward when it comes to social interactions) but I managed to stay afloat even with my canoe weighted down with five classes.

I find it pretty humorous to think back to when I was in High School where I was a straight “C” student and someone who made it my mission to be the biggest pain in the ass as possible to show how ‘stupid school really was.’

And then there’s me now, someone who spends more time studying for a simple quiz than the average student, just to endure that I will get a one hundred percent every time, instead of going to parties in the apartments down the hall.

I still deal with many issues in college that I had to face in High School–being dyslexic, having anxiety, and putting too much on my plate at once–but I began understanding how to deal with these issues and how to make them less of a nuisance.

It is still embarrassing for me when a professor decided to have the students go around the room and read a passage from a science journal aloud, and everyone has to sit while I struggle to put words in the proper order and pronounce each one correctly, but I’m beginning to come to terms with my issues and accepting them.

I still get hit by a huge wave of anxiety as the class begins reading aloud and sounding as if they were the ones who wrote the confusing and never ending articles, and I will quickly jump ahead to where I might have to read and trying to put everything in order in my head and making sense of what I’m actually reading (that I’m sure will never go away). But at least now I know that my fellow classmates aren’t there to judge me and my poor reading skills. They’re all there for themselves and could care less about what the weird girl in the back with the giant thermos of coffee and the frizzy hair is doing.

What really helped me get through this semester was the help of my professors. I’m sure all colleges have a few professors who go above and beyond for their students, but coming from the community college that I did, I never experienced all my professors being there right beside me throughout the entire semester.

I made a point to introduce myself to each of my professors in the beginning of the year so they knew I was and could see that I was ready to work hard and that I take my studies seriously (unlike in High School). They really appreciated my introduction and instantly knew my name before anyone else in the class, which some may see as a bad thing since they would constantly call on me for my insight, but it kept me engaged.

I definitely feel that I’ve left a huge impression on some of my professors, especially in Philosophy where my professor and I would constantly get into heated arguments on random topics such as animal rights and feminism. Apparently I have a bit of an anger problem and would quickly put my poor professor and fellow students in their place with my many random and interesting facts I learned from the many articles I read online. Luckily my professor liked my enthusiasm and was only provoking my responses because he knew I would always be someone who would jump into conversation if he worded situations in a certain way or would give the unexpected response. My fellow classmates, however, would come up to me after class and ask if I was ok because they sensed me getting angry in class… oops.

But no harm was done through the semester. My head didn’t explode when dealing with controversial topics in philosophy where my professor purposefully pushed my buttons, and I managed to keep my sanity even when buried neck deep in assignments, essays, case studies, and the occasional short story. It was a successful semester and now I get ready for the next one where I try to juggle a job in the mix of things.

Will keep you posted 🙂

Have a great New Year’s everybody!


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