This is a super random post but I felt it was important for my fellow coffee addicts.

So today I was told I drink too much coffee… SAY WHAT?!

If I want a large cafe latte with two extra shots of espresso I will do so! And if I want it every hour, you can’t stop me! Who cares if I end up babbling and looking like a weirdo because I can’t sit still in my chair for more than a few seconds, or that my right leg is bouncing uncontrollably under the wooden table and the banging is giving you a headache. Get over it!!

I will protest your absurd comment that there could even remotely be “too much coffee.” There is never too much coffee!!!

coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee **sips second cup of coffee in the past hour**

They say I need to drink more tea because it’s better for me… NO… Tea is a bedtime drink when I had a sh*tty day at work and need to sip my feelings away on a floral beverage with a teaspoon of honey there to sweeten my sour soul. Psh.. Tea is for quitters, coffee is for the adventurous people who have too many ex best friends to stalk on Facebook and laughing baby videos to watch on youtube. Who needs to sleep like a sound baby after slurping camomile tea when you can stay awake and climb trees at three AM?? Not this girl…



For the record I do actually enjoy drinking tea…

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