Ode To English Majors

Dear fellow English majors,

You have agreed to work in a field that most people decide to abandon after eighth grade English class when they actually have to read and write. You enjoy the pain staking activities that come along with writing a fifteen page paper on the many interpretations of “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” and describing symbol upon symbol of “The Yellow Wallpaper.”

We English majors actually find it fun to read and reread Shakespeare and to write essays when most “normal” people would rather go out and party. Coffee and tea are basically our major food groups and if you give us a wine and a blanket we will curl up into a ball, pull our favorite novels off our cluttered bookshelves, and read until our eyes can no longer see straight.

English majors are a dying breed of college students. The English language is losing its luster and importance in schools. We work to keep the light of the English language shining bright in the hopes it will never burn out, even when it seems to be close. Reading is becoming less and less important as fewer kids can be seen going to libraries and buying books at bookstores. Writing is an art that is slowing sliding deeper and deeper into the crevices of useless tools that are not needed in the working world. Nevertheless, we know that writing and reading is a skill that needs to stay alive! We appreciate the work that comes along with understanding narratives of the 16th century. We love when a novel has so much power that is makes us burst into tears every time we read it over again. We mark pages of books that have some kind of error, and giggle to ourselves like we’ve outsmarted the publishing company. We enjoy the things that many try so hard to avoid after high school.

So here’s to English Majors!!! May your coffee cups always be full and your bookshelves overflowing! (glasses clinking)

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