Cucumber Face Mask

My roommates and I decided to do some cleansing before bed tonight and made a cucumber face mask! It was such a random, yet pleasant experience that put a great end to a stressful day.

It was super easy to make and only required two cucumbers, 2-3 tablespoons all purpose flour, and a quarter cup of water.

To make the mask peal and slice the cucumbers into small chunks. Next you want to smash the cucumber cubes until they begin to turn to mash. After that use a fork and pick out all the seeds.

Once the cucumber is prepped, add in flour and water. The amount of each may very due to the size of the cucumbers, but don’t worry, this recipe can easily be fixed. Mix well.

Be sure the mask isn’t too runny, if you can’t place it on your face without it running down your face, add more flour.

To apply, use your fingers to smooth over your face, be sure to leave an area around your eyes so they won’t get irritated.

Leave mask on until the entire thing becomes hard and dry. This will take around 10 minutes.

To remove, wash face off with warm water while making circles with your fingers over your skin.

After the mask, your face will feel smooth and your pores will be able to breathe (which feels amazing). Use the  mask at a max of once a week to be sure skin won’t become irritated.


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