Simple way to cook up tofu!!

For many people, tofu is something they stay clear from, but why? It’s delicious, nutritious, simple to cook, and packed with protein. For those of you who wonder about tofu, here I have provided a super simple recipe to cook this up and make it taste DELICIOUS!!

The tofu I used is House Foods Organic Tofu Cutlet, and this can be found in most grocery stores. I first started by cutting the tofu up into half inch chunks, but please cut to your own liking.

Next, in a medium pan, I coated the bottom with a generous amount of olive oil, just enough the the entire pan would have a thin layer so the tofu won’t stick while cooking.

Then I added in one table spoon of premium sesame oil and one table spoon of low sodium soy sauce to add flavor.

Once I added in the cup tofu, I turned the burner to a low-medium temperature to be sure everything cooks but didn’t stick to the pan. It took me about 10 minutes to get a perfect golden brown color to the tofu (but be sure to not overlook so the tofu won’t get hard).

After everything is all said and done, add your tofu to your favorite dishes: rice, burritos, quesadillas, or salads (be adventurous!).


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