Just Me, Myself, and I… and I Liked It!

Ahhh… The simple life.

Not many people think of being alone as a good thing; however, there are many things that can be learned while being with just you and yourself. For me, I always enjoyed being surrounded by people. I often felt anxious when alone and craved interactions quite often.

Over the past few months I decided to take some time to get to know me, which sounds weird but was something I’ve noticed I lacked, self-awareness and understanding. I ended up finding enjoyment in going shopping by myself, where I noticed I had a bit of a different style and appreciation for certain clothing since I wasn’t being pressured by other people to buy certain items. I went for walks around local parks and was able to notice the beauty around me and how pleased and relax I felt from these kinds of experiences (it was literally a breath of fresh air).

I still get a bit of anxiety when go certain places by myself, especially if it’s somewhere I’ve never been before, but am feeling so much more confident in myself.

From allowing myself some alone time every week, my mindset has changed. I feel happier with myself, I learned new interests, and found places that keep me relaxed and clear my head. Who knew we may not actually know ourselves while being constantly surrounded by friendly faces? It was a very odd, yet amazing, experience and I definitely found this to be a rewarding one that everyone should try.

Triangle Dreamcatcher DIY

This is an easy tutorial on how to make a triangle dreamcatcher!! I will walk you step by step but please feel free to make this your own and personalized.

First here are the materials you will need to create this dreamcatcher:

– Three sticks that are similar in sizeIMG_6175

– String (I use one that has a wax on it because it will holds in place better)

– Five beads

– Five feathers (one large, two medium size, and two small)

– Glue and scissors

Step 1) Take two sticks and tie about two-three feet IMG_6177of string around the ends of the sticks, attaching them at a 45 degree angle. Once this is done connect the other stick to the two that you have just combined, creating a triangular shape.

Step 2) Now we begin to weave the dreamcatcher in the center of the triangle. Begin by cutting a strand of string that will be long enough to fill the entire space of your triangle, I cut mine at about 7 feet. Then tie a knot close to one of the corners of the triangle.

Step 3) To make this part simple, it may be a good idea to wrap the string around itself or a piece of paper to keep it together while you begin to weave. To start, have the string hanging under the stick and towards the center of the triangle. Take the string around the stick about an inch away from where you tied it, and pull it through the center of the loop you just made. Repeat this step again along the rest of the triangle.

IMG_6179           IMG_6180IMG_6178

Step 4) Once you have begun to reach the end of the space you can use on the sticks themselves, leave a half-inch gap before the end of the space on the stick and complete the same steps as cited in step 3, and use string ahead as the new place for the string in hand to loop around.

IMG_6184            IMG_6185          IMG_6186

Step 5) Once you have completed the IMG_6187dreamcatcher weave, simply tie a knot at the end to keep everything in place (this is where waxed string can come in handy since it will be sure to keep everything in place once you tie it off).

Step 6) To add detail, at the bottom of IMG_6188the dreamcatcher, tie another shorter piece of string to each end of the bottom stick. Be sure to give it some slack to allow the feathers that will be added the ability to hang at various levels.

Step 7) Tie five short strands of string IMG_6189along the string you tied at the bottom. Be sure to have one in the middle and two on either side of that piece equally spaced along the string.

Step 8) Now add a single bead on the IMG_6191pieces of dangling string. There will be no need for a knot here to hold this bead in place; instead, when you add the feathers to the center of the bead, use glue to hold the bead and feather in place. To do this add glue to the ends of the feathers and push it into the bead, being sure to touch the string as well. (the feathers should be longest in the center, then medium, then small at the ends).

Congratulations! You have finished making your own dreamcatcher! I hope this tutorial was easy to understand and follow. If you have any further questions feel free to comment below and I will be sure to get back to you!