Animals and Selfies?? An Awesome Combo!!

It’s no lie that I’m a huge lover of animals (of all species) and a typical young female that has an addiction to taking selfies. So what happens when you put the two of those worlds together? Awesomeness… That’s what!

 Gracie Lou has a photogenic side, when she’s not busy breaking down fences or eating the entire field that is. I’ve known this lady for about four years now and we’ve grown a tight bond that deserves to be captured.

She has an amazing talent for blowing bubbles too 😉 . Recently we moved her and her son Bandit to a different field where the grass hasn’t already been gnawed down to the dirt, and there was so much excitement and joy in their 1000+ pound bodies. They lept, ran, and mooed as they explored their new field, but of course Gracie finds the only dirt patch and decided to have a dust bath in the midst of their celebration.

 These two are so amazing to have as part of the family and they have brought me so much joy. Although it is sad to see that Bandit is getting older and is gaining some bull like tendencies as he’s matured, we’re happy to report that unlike most farmers who would instantly send him to the slaughterhouse, this handsome man is going to have a forever home at a friends farm, right down the street, where he will have room to roam among many calves, heifers and indestructible fences.


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