Something to put a SMILE on your face!

juniperFour weeks ago a beautiful cat named Juniper had FIVE kittens. Although my boyfriend and I knew she was pregnant, we were more than elated when we found that she has had five beautiful and healthy babies.

I found that Juniper has given birth while our yellow lab Brady was standing in his cage head first and being shockingly quiet. I had a feeling Juniper was also in the cage because that is where she likes to sleep sometimes, and when I looked to see what Brady was doing, I saw him gently licking clean a newborn kitten.

I was extremely excited, like any other cat lover IMG_6616would be, and sent Brady out with the other dogs and ran to get my boyfriend Zak, from doing yard chores, upstairs to see the something new laying clean in a dog crate.

After two more kittens were born, Zak and I moved mama June and the new babies to the spare bedroom and set them in a wooden box lined with soft towels. There was a nice gap before another kitten was born, leading us to believe that would have been all; however, that wasn’t the case and she gave birth to two more kittens!
Today these babies have figured out that the world continues outside of their wooded home. After seeing their personalities we have given the two boys and three girls their names: Ody, Ozo, Luna, Moon Pie, and Nala.

I couldn’t be any more of a proud grandma 😉

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