Settling into a new view

Although I am moving in as a transfer student, there is still this anxiety I have with moving into a new area away from home, and away from familiar sites and sounds. Many people move into apartments or dorms for college, many live close by, and many live rather far. For me, it didn’t matter how close or far I lived, I have anxiety with being by myself; yet, I knew this experience would be for the better and would help me out in the long run.

Something I knew I needed to do was make my room in the apartment as cozy as it would feel being back home with my boyfriend. The atmosphere you surround yourself is something that will either cause anxiety or make you feel comfortable. Since I would spend quite a few hours here, I strived to add as much personality and personal sentimental objects that would really take the phrase “a house to a home” to new heights.

What I came up with was warm lighting to take my single, narrow windowed room, to IMG_6858something soft and bright. I also added a wall full of pictures I have taken back home of my family, dog, cat, car (since I didn’t bring it with me), garden, art, and fun pictures from around town. This really eased my mind, being able to turn over at night and faintly see the outline of my family and pets really helped clear my head. I also made sure to take some personal touches from home by adding in the dreamcatchers I made. Having something that reminds you of home is a great way to make yourself realize that nothing else has changed.

There is really sooo… much that one can do to make themselves feel at ease with being in a new IMG_6851location. One thing I thought of to make me smile and be happy was to have a tea cart. I have been a lover of tea but knew that four girls sharing a tiny kitchen was going to mean I have a limit on the things I could bring. To solve this problem I made a tea cart where I have  an electric kettle, a box of various teas, a pretty mug, and some sweet honey.

Living somewhere new doesn’t mean you have left your world behind. I’m trying to think of it as a new page has been written and I can use this as an opportunity to grow.


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