The Unrealistic Expectations of Beauty

Whether we’re at home watching tv or a movie, reading Vogue or People Magazine, or walking down the street or eating in a restaurant, we are surrounded with images of women and men that slightly all look the same; yet, don’t look anything like us.

Growing up I have come across many images of women that show them as looking less like a human and more like a god! Their skin always flawless, not a stretch mark or area of cellulite in sight; meanwhile, my skin was far from perfect with both of those at just 14. As you can imagine that kind of exposure wasn’t great on my self esteem, and I know I was not the only one now, but back then I was sure I was the only imperfect kid bad-photoshop-kimora-lee-simmonsin school.

Advertisements upon advertisements show men and women as something sexier and dissimilar from the average person, as well as themselves. The models and celebrities faces are drastically altered to become more “visually pleasing” and to be shown as even more perfect. Skin colors are changed, causing dark skinned beautiful women to have a fairer look, causing many girls to feel unsettled about their skin tone. Mens muscles are increased in their size as women’s are shown to be smaller.

Companies have been showing women as a material object and men as the superior sex. Women’s bodies have been changed to show a product’s value by the company using women as a sex symbol because sex can sell everything. The sexier the image of a woman, the more
mg3likely for that product to be flying off the shelves because it leaves an impression on the buyer’s mind. Womens are transformed into beer bottles, cars, and food, they’re used as racks for objects, sexual stimulants, and as a way to show the positive aspects of products, many of which don’t show their faces.

All bodies are meant to be cherished and the the similarities and differences loved. How can a person behind a computer screen, a worker for a company, and a magazine, publish something that is able to cause emotional distress in millions of both males and females and not a second thought?

As of today it is clear the effects of these kinds of ads and messages being pushed into our brains. Many women spend countless hours preparing themselves for the day and judging their image along the way. Makeup doesn’t make a women beautiful, clothing doesn’t make a woman beautiful, size, ethnicity, hair color, or even eye color doesn’t make a women beautiful. Beauty is natural and pure, no amount of material or man made chemicals can make a women look more appealing. Yes makeup and clothing can increase a woman’s self esteem; however, now it has reached a level where we are constantly trying to alter our appearance to look like everyone else who has fallen into the spell of ads and tv.

There is no reason for us to try and fit in. This world was created for us to live as individuals and be happy, not to buy expensive products to look “pretty.”

I praise the individuality in all people. Do what you want, live how you want, wear what you want, and be proud of who you are. Your genes are perfect and your appearance is perfect. Love yourself for who you are and fly free!

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