What’s Really Important 

What’s the point of living if your are living to please someone else? This question I’ve pondered after realizing I’m missing the little parts of life that I should be enduring for myself and for my own pleasure. 

All too often we pass up a day for ourselves, finishing (or beginning) a great book, eating the last donut, and getting out of our comfort zone while trying something completely new. It’s funny seeing that just these few things have been taken out of our hands quite a few times. We focus on our impressions and how we are being perceived as a human rather than being who we wish to be. 

Who cares if we enjoy reading instead of keeping up on the latest Scandle TV show. Who cares if we enjoy the chocolate cream donuts simply because the cream inside is just too good to pass up. And who cares if we enjoy roughing it in tent instead of staying in a five star hotel. 

These small parts of life also have an impact on making us who we are. The moral of this quite random post is that we need to live for ourselves and forget who and what others want us to be and how to behave. We were created to live, not to be lifeless. 

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