The Female Traveler

Being a female, I’m lucky to have grown up with a family where I was able to work alongside my brothers. I never heard the phrase “let your brothers do it,” and in fact, it was more focused towards my brothers with the phrase “let your sister handle it.” My dad taught me how to use power tools at the age of ten, and I’ve helped him build countless pieces of furniture. There was never a view of sexism in my household, and I am very honored to have lived in a home as such.840288_grande

Now that I’m in college and have been working towards my career, I was amazed by the negativity I’ve experienced when announcing my career to people outside of my family. Apparently being a travel writer is something a man should take on because it’s not safe for women.

If you’re like me, then you can feel my fury when hearing this idea. I feel exactly the opposite of what I’ve been told. Women should feel empowered when given the opportunity to travel the world. Being in a different country is an experience that all human beings should experience, and I feel that traveling alone is a way for us to discover ourselves and realize our own power and strength.

I understand that traveling alone after college is something that anyone can be nervous about, but I have a greater appreciation for the experiences I will have and problems I will learn from. Being a woman, I was taught to never let someone else’s ideas hold me back, and that life is meant for making mistakes, jumping in head first, running into issues and then resolving them, just as anyone else would.

So moral of this post, women, be fearless. It’s no longer a man’s world, but a world for all. Nothing is impossible or better suited for somebody else. Keep your dreams in the front of your mind and never let go of them because someone else has a different idea for you. Ultimately, it’s your life, your career, your dreams, thats it.


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