Businesses Tickled Pink

Hello everyone,

I came across a very interesting website today,, that really opened my eyes to the degrading, ineffective, and just plain horrendous ways businesses are using the pink ribbon as a marketing ploy, instead of using it to help fipinkcrapnd a cure for breast cancer.

When it is October the world is painted pink as promotions for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month begin to push forward. Companies, ranging from Kohl’s to Hooters, are getting in on the campaign and have created products to fit in with this theme; however, many of these companies are taking advantage of customers and their concerns for this disease by making money and keeping most, if not all, the proceeds made during this month when selling their pink products.

As people who have concerns with health, and many of us have faced, fought, or know someone who has been taken by this disease, we want to help find a cure. The sad truth is that many of us are unaware regarding the truth of the pink ribbon, and do not realize the ways businesses are abusing this symbol in order to better their company.

Products ranging from water bottles (which some of the plastic used actually have been linked to causing breast cancer), laundry detergent, sodas, along with tv networks, and restaurants, all have been using the pink ribbon as part of their campaign during the month of October. We, as consumers, see this ribbon and believe that these companies are generous people who care about finding a cure, and many of them are; however, not all. As the ribbon is shown, we feel more inclined to buy their product, thus raising the sales of these businesses. As consumers, we need to be aware of the differences of businesses supporting the breast cancer campaign, and businesses actually working with the campaign to find a cure. The logo may be shown on a wide range of products, but only a few may actually be giving a good amount of their proceeds towards the cure.

Beyond the selfishness of many companies, there is another issue that I have come across, degrading language towardsavesecondbase-300x176s women being placed on tee shirts as well as many other materials. All of us have probably heard the phrase “Save the Ta Tas” or “Save Second Base,” yet, there is so much more to women that deserve to be saved besides their breasts. Women deserve to be saved because they are human and worthy of such, not because boobs are appealing, or because our society define what a woman is by her chest. These degrading remarks do not help the cause, and instead, limit the abilities of women.

Breast cancer is a subject that should be spoken about with respect and understanding. October should not be the only month where we are focused on finding a cure for this disease, and as turns out, it is more of a month where business rack in more cash for themselves. As consumers, we need to be aware of where our money is going and which companies we can trust. Has anyone ever seen a breast cancer tee shirt with a man shown on the front instead of a w
oman? Probably not; however, this disease can affect men as well – yet their not getting any attention.AlexisLivingstonPhotography-MensBreastCancer1

If you all want to look more into this topic, I have listed a few websites that are very informative and can help shed a light on the reality of what Breast Cancer Awareness has really become.

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