Yoga Poses for Relaxation

As many of us may be aware, yoga is an amazing workout with many benefits towards our health and flexibility. However, for the busy parent or college student, yoga can be a great way to relax and to take time for yourself even if you only have a few minutes of free time.

Each yoga pose will com with benefits for our bodies and minds. Deep twists allow our muscles to relax and can relieve back pain, plank poses strengthen our arms, wrists and shoulders, and prepare us for inversions such as a forearm stand. So what are good relaxation poses?

The first relaxation poses is awesomely called corpse pose or savasana. Typically this pose is performed at the end of a yoga class where one can release tension and clear their mind. To perform this pose, one simply lies on their back with hands by their side. The point is to release our muscles and lay still (hense the name corpse pose), which actually can be surprisingly difficult, especially for someone with an ever racing mind; however, once you finally release yourself, this is an amazing poses for relaxation.

The next pose is supported shoulder stand. This is a personal choice of what I found to be relaxing and beneficial for anyone with a limited amount of time on their hands and wants to relax. In this pose all you need is a yoga block and a wall if you choose. Simply lie on your back with the block under your bottom with your legs pointing up to the sky. If you choose to use a wall, allow your bottom and legs to rest against it, allowing you to use less strength to support your legs and more relaxation to take place. This pose is great for your back, where many of us hold most of our tension. For an added benefit, this pose is also known for relieving varicose veins by the reverse effects of our legs being upside down and the blood flow reversed.

I hope this post gave some insight on the benefits of yoga and the simple poses that can help relieve stress. I will be sure to make similar posts in the future!


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